You build your dream home with your hard earned money. What if something untoward happens to it? Well, this can be quite catastrophic, especially if you do not have home insurance. At Antworks Money, we believe that home insurance is the best bet to protect your house from any unforeseen mishap.

A home insurance not only offers a cover to your house but also to the items and appliances within it.

Why Go for Home Insurance?

  • Offers coverage against any financial liabilities that may occur in case of any kind of damage or loss of the house
  • Includes covers for mishaps like theft, burglary, damage by natural causes, accidents etc
  • Complete peace of mind for the owners of the house
  • Offers coverage in case of the death of the house owner who may have been paying the EMI on the home loan

Who can Get Home Insurance?

  • Individual home owners for their homes
  • Companies for their guest houses etc
  • A society committee member for insuring the society building
  • Tenants to protect their precious belongings

Calamities that Home Insurance Covers

  • Earthquake
  • Burglary and theft
  • Fire caused by natural causes like lightening, fire etc
  • Fire caused by other reasons like riots, aircraft damage etc
  • Sudden death of the person paying the home loan EMI

What to Look for when Picking Home Insurance?

  • The various plans offered
  • Coverage offered
  • The affordability of the premium
  • The reputation of the insurance company
  • The claim settlement history of the insurance firm
  • Add-ons offered by the insurance firm

Why Us?

Antworks Money, with its years of expertise in the home insurance arena and its association with the best insurance providers, assures you superior assistance in choosing the best home insurance policy for your dream home.

Our experts, help you compare the plans offered by various insurance firms depending on the factors like coverage offered, premium to be paid etc and then choose one that is best suited for you.

We also take your financial state and your responsibilities into consideration when helping you make the decision about the home insurance plan that would be perfect for you.