According to the government regulations, you need to buy car insurance for your car. Any lapse in this rule is not allowed. Furthermore, with a car insurance in hand, you can be rest assured that if the car meets an accident or there is an unforeseen damage to it, the insurance company would compensate for all the repairs.

Why Get Car Insurance?

  • A regulation stringently followed by the Road Transport Organization
  • Coverage against loss of the car
  • Coverage against any damage caused by accidents or any other unforeseen event
  • Covers the financial liability of paying off the loan in case of the death of the owner of the car
  • Offers cover for personal accident

What does Car Insurance not Cover?

  • Any damage in case the policy has lapsed
  • The natural wear and tear of the vehicle associated with use
  • Damage caused during a journey where the driver did not possess a proper driving license
  • Damage caused by the carelessness of the driver like being inebriated

What to Look for when Buying Car Insurance?

  • The details of the coverage offered by the policy
  • Types of add-ons offered
  • If a zero deductible is offered by the insurance company
  • EMI to be paid

How to find the best Car Insurance for you?

  • Compare the car insurance offered by various firms
  • Shortlist the ones that meet all or most of your requirements
  • Look at the coverage options offered by each insurance policy
  • Watch out the Insured Declare Value as this has a direct affect on the rate of interest
  • Check out the claim settlement rate of the insurance firms

Based on the aforesaid factors pick the car insurance policy that is best suited for you.

Why Us?

Antworks Money with our years of expertise has been instrumental in the field of finance and insurance. With our widespread knowledge of car insurance, we assist you in comparing the various insurance policies offered by different insurance firms. We also offer free credit counseling, thereby helping you to choose insurance that would be perfect for your requirements and would not burn a hole in your pocket.

So, get in touch with us to zero in on the best car insurance for your vehicle.