In the modern times, when science and technology have developed so well, there is hardly any health issue which cannot be treated. However, opting for contemporary treatments means that you are expected to shell out a lot of money. Sometimes, this can even empty your coffers.

Don’t let ill health become a serious threat to your savings. Opt for health insurance today. With a health insurance policy in hand, you can be rest assured that the treatment will be taken care of by the insurance firm. Depending upon the policy you have opted for, you can opt for a cashless treatment or may be compensated later.

Types of Health Insurance

Take a look at the different types of health insurance schemes available.

  1. Individual health insurance
  2. Family health insurance
  3. Senior citizen health insurance
  4. Maternity health insurance
  5. Health insurance for personal accident cover
  6. Preventive health insurance cover

Why you Need to sign up for a Health Insurance Policy?

  • Peace of mind against unforeseen health issues and required treatment
  • No worries about shelling out huge amount of money for the treatments
  • Reasonable rate of premium as compared to the amount that needs to be paid if you have to undergo a treatment
  • Offers tax benefits
  • Urges you for a complete medical check up
  • Includes ambulance fee
  • Bonus offered in case there are no claims made against the policy
  • Special group policies for families

Why you Need to sign up for a Health Insurance Policy?

  • Co-payment clause and the amount to be co-paid
  • If cashless treatment is offered
  • Waiting period in case of pre-existing health issues
  • If renewability for life is allowed
  • Amount permitted for rent and other additional facilities availed at the time of treatment
  • If personal accident is covered
  • Whether it covers the expenses of both normal and C-section deliveries

Why Us?

We at Antworks Money, with our team of finance professionals are well aware of all that goes on in the health insurance scene. We assure you complete assistance in comparing all the health insurance policies offered by various financial organizations and then picking the one that is best suited for your needs.

Contact our experts and let us help you to find the best health insurance.