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Things to consider before buying a luxury product

Apr 2

Things to consider before buying a luxury product

Dreams and aspirations take a heavy toll on every ambitious person. It takes time, dedication and hard work for people to accomplish their dreams and develop  successful careers. Your dreams are also fed into you by the type of upbringing and conditioning you received and that is why we Indians are limited to only some versions of dreams and aspirations.

This is one of the thing that is explained to us by our elders. The other thing is to save money and use it only at the time of crisis. This translates to the fact that you cannot do a lot of things that you want to do or go for something that you want so badly. Going for a luxurious life is one thing but the other thing taught to us is the fact that you should spend your money prudently.

Cautious spending of your hard-earned bucks is one thing that every Indian is taught since birth and according to Rajeev Mahajan, it is one of those characteristics that have made all the difference in his ideology and thinking process. After launching the successful online financial services company, Antworks Money has innovated the concept of the banking sector with his P2P platform and the Financial Buddy app.

Talking about the same, he said that before he indulges into buying any new product, he tries to make it through the thinking process and asks himself is it really important for him. He advises the same to his fellow acquaintances to reconsider their decision before going for any product. Many people go behind buying luxurious items just to make sure that they are being noticed and they gain good number of friends with it. Although if you are going to buy a product that is costing a lot due to peer pressure, think again.

The following points will help you to make an informed decision about the same.

Do you really need to enjoy its services?

There are three things that will make you buy a luxurious product, one of them is either you are in dire need of the product, you have been dreaming about the product since time and again or because you are passionate about it. If this is the reason why you are indulging in such a huge investment, then that is fine but if it is any reason that you want to show if off to the other people or because the product is trendy enough, then reconsider your decision.

Where is the funding coming from?

If the funding is coming from your savings or pocket and it is going to create a strain for you then, the best thing to do is to refrain from going for it. Buying luxurious might sound like a pretty big thing but when it comes to funding, there is no point in cursing yourself later for buying it.

Do you really need it?

If you do need the product, and without it your productivity is going to decrease, then you should definitely go for it. But if you are doing it just because you want to then it is better that your stop before making such a decision.

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