Bank Loan services

A bank loan is one of the best ways to quickly get your hands on some liquid cash. However, the bank loan scene is a dicey one and surely not every person's cup of tea.

It should be noted that a customer with a good credit score is flooded with offers from several banks willing to lend to customer at attractive rates. On the other hand, most banks shy away from giving loans to customers with a low credit score. In case a bank does agree to offer a loan to such a person, the interest rates would be really high.

In short, a customer with very limited knowledge of loan market finds it very difficult to compare the loan offers from different banks and choose the best offer. In case you find yourself in such a situation, don't worry. Just reach out to us at Antworks Money.

Our team of experts who have extensive experience in the field of bank loans and fund borrowing are ready to assist you in finding the best deal while also answering all your queries.

Antworks Money Bank Loan Service

How this Works?
  • We possess the latest information about the loans offered by different banks
  • This information is presented to you in a tabular fashion with all the requisite information like loan amount, tenure, interest rate and processing charge in place
  • This makes it easier for you to understand the best deals
  • Our team then analyzes your financial background and your financial responsibilities closely
  • Keeping in view your income and expenses, we come up with a figure that you can spare each month
  • Equipped with this knowledge, we help you choose the best bank and the best loan for you
  • The loan eligibility calculator
  • The EMI calculator
  • The all in cost calculator
  • Expert tips to make the most of your financial resources

We help our users to compare the loan offers from different banks across spectrum of loan products so that they can choose the best offer. Users can check their eligibility and apply for the loan online on our marketplace in a convenient and hassle free manner.

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