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Antworks Money Featured in Top 10 FinTech Startups of 2018 by Silicon India Magazine

Jan 19

Antworks Money Featured in Top 10 FinTech Startups of 2018 by Silicon India Magazine

Striving with new resources in the financial market, Antworks Money makes it so far with their amazing business ideas

Serving the needs of the financial sector since 2012, Antworks money is one of the dedicated financial services companies that is linked in growing its reign in the online financial sector of the company. It has diversified its financial services into loan aggregation and P2P loan services after marking its presence in the online financial sector with insurance broking operations in the country.

Born with the vision of making it to the top hierarchy of the financial options of the country, and competing their likes with banks and NBFCs. The financial house sees Rajeev Mahajan as its Co-Founder and CEO, with Subhayu Ghose as the Co-Founder and Bharti Kapur as the Director. Rajeev Mahajan holds a rich experience and expertise of working in the financial sector of the country, after serving as the Senior President of Yes Bank and country head of MNC Infrastructure.

The services of Antworks Money aid in serving as an online market place for consumers and businesses to ask for loan and provide an opportunity to the lenders to finance the loans. They serve for a purpose of making the banking sector of the country to be highly transparent and easily accessible. This also increases the prospects of being cost efficient and aids in their establishment as the consumer-focused financial company. Antworks Money is currently running with 30 banks and NBFCs and is processing more than 5000 requests per month.

The other main domain of the Antworks Money to develop a peer to peer lending platform. It is going to launch this portal in the last quarter of the Financial Year 2019 and is currently awaiting final approval from the RBI (Reserve Bank of India).

The company is formulated with the idea of renovating the traditional financial services of the country with a better online marketplace experience that will be using technology in a more efficient way. This will also lower the operational costs of loans and will aid in a better user-based experience for both the banks and the NBFCs and the customers. Antworks money is growing at a faster pace than expected owing to the differential form of strategy that they have adopted and the innovative ideas they are putting forth in operation. With the P2P platform the company is diversifying their nature of services, the consumers will be able to process their own application from the banks. This goes in verse with the saying of the CEO of Antworks Money, Rajeev Mahajan who believes that the future of banking in India is all about the P2P platform. This will make various companies, offering the same service of the P2P platform make a lot of money as this idea has been neglected due to the improper rules and regulations in the country. The P2P platform is all about being customer friendly as then the customers do not have to go through the various sites for their loan application.

The other ventures of Antoworks money

The creators of Antworks Money is not only about the P2P platform, it is also about the sale of insurance products under a different name of Policy Secure. The director of the company says that they have the perfect blend of insurance and online business and this is going to be fruitful for the company and its users in future.

Their future

Antworks and its creators are trying to vent out all their expertise and knowledge in the service of the customers since that is going to be a suitable prospect for them. The company is about to launch their mobile application named as Financial Buddy which has more user-friendly features. The company is striving towards success owing to their unique business model that is going to provide all the services under one roof.

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