Facing a financial catastrophe and have several needs to address? Consider taking a loan. It is a smart way to raise capital when you are in dire straits. The banks and other lending institutions extend various types of loans. You need to opt for the one that best suits your current requirements. Let’s help you navigate the process by sharing a few details about the common types of loans in Kolkata and what all they cover.

Home Loan:

This is a secured loan and can be availed for buying a new home, carrying out repairs/renovation as well as for the expansion and modification of an existing property. The funding in this category can also be used for buying land for construction or investment etc.

Personal Loan:

The loan can be taken out to fulfill any kind of personal desire. It could for electronics, travel, higher education, credit card payments, medical expenses, wedding etc. Since a personal loan is sanctioned purely on the basis of credit history and requires no collateral the interest rate is slightly higher.

Car Loan:

As the name suggests, this is a loan taken to purchase an automobile. You can get nearly 90% of the car value provided all the documents are in place. This is a secured loan whose collateral is the vehicle which can be sold to pay-off the debt in case of default.

Education Loan:

This loan is sanctioned for pursuing an education in a reputed institute within the country or overseas. Since it comes with longer repayment tenure, the interest rate is slightly on the steeper side.

Business loan:

A business loan can be used to start, run or fuel growth of an enterprise. The funding is available for a longer period and does not need a guarantor. However, the interest rate is high because of the risk involved.

Loan against Property:

This is another easy way to get a multi-purpose loan in Kolkata. Residential or commercial property in semi-urban and urban locations across the country can be pledged to meet financial expenses.

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