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Feb 17
CC app status online

How to Check SBI Credit Card Application Status Online

SBI has a devoted entryway, SBI Credit Card, serving the Visa showcase since 1998. With a Visa client base of more than 5 million, SBI offers different sorts of charge cards intended for various purposes like travel, shopping, way of life etc.

Applying for a SBI credit card is simple through SBI Card site. A similar site will enable you to know the status of your charge card application.

There are two ways you can get the status – one is with the application number and the other without. Thus, the individuals who don’t have the application number helpful can likewise get the status of their card with the other alternative accessible.

Follow the Below Steps to Check the Status of your SBI Card Application Online

  • Visit  and click on the ‘Credit Cards’ tab on the navigation bar
  • Scroll down the page to find “Track Application” option, clicking on which will take you to the details section
  • Once you reach the section of the page, you will see two options – Track Application and Retrieve Application
  • Fill the ‘Track Application’ section if you have your application number or fill ‘Retrieve Application’ when you don’t have it handy
  • For the first option, you just need to enter the application number and click ‘Track’
  • The second option, Retrieve Application, will prompt for your date of birth and PAN number. Enter the same and click Retrieve.

Check Status of SBI Credit Card Application Offline

When you cannot access internet, you can simply call the SBI helpline numbers to know the status.

SBI provides two helpline numbers to know about the status of credit card application status, 1860-180-1290 and 39020202. For the second number, you have to prefix your local STD code to get your card details. For instance, if you applied your card in Bengaluru, you need to dial 080-39020202.

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