If you have been thinking of finding a way to get your hands on that much needed cash for a personal or business requirement, we suggest that you opt for a bank loan. An ICICI bank loan is what will bail you out of your current crunch. We at Antworks Money recommend the reputed bank for its varied range of loans all offered at low rates of interest. By associating with us, you can secure the best loan for your requirement based on your financial standing.

Types of ICICI Bank Loans

ICICI bank offers a wide range of loans for its customers. So, it is quite easy to find a loan irrespective of what your requirement.

  • Home Loans – to realize your dream of buying or building a house
  • Car Loans – for buying the car of your dreams
  • Personal Loans – to steer you out of a sudden cash requirement
  • Gold Loans – easy loans against your gold ornaments
  • Business Loans – to assist during the fund requirement phase of your business
  • Loans against Securities – quick loans in lieu of the securities owned by you

How to Apply for an ICICI Bank Loan with Antworks Money?

We at Antworks Money are here to assist you in securing an ICICI bank loan. Here is how you can go about it.

  • Using our Loan Eligibility Calculator, check the loan amount that you are eligible for
  • Next, use the EMI Calculator and find out the monthly installment amount that you will be liable to pay once you secure the loan
  • Compare the various ICICI loans offered and select the one that is perfect for you
  • Come to us and we will help you analyze if the loan is in tandem with your other financial commitments
  • Let our team take over and assist you with loan application and documentation

Why Choose Us?

Antworks Money has been working in the banking arena for quite some time now. We are associated with ICICI bank and can help you secure a loan with the least of hassles. We ensure that a thorough analysis of your financial background is conducted and the loan you choose does not compromise your other commitments.

An ICICI bank loan is what you need to steer you away from the imperative cash crunch. Come to Antworks Money and let us assist you in getting the best deal from ICICI.