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SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd.

Srei Infrastructure Finance Limited ("Srei") is one of India's largest holistic infrastructure institutions, constantly and consistently delivering innovative solutions in the infrastructure space, has completed over 30 years. They are amongst the first Indian NBFCs to access the international market for funds. We are the 1st company to lay the ground for passive telecom infrastructure sharing in India. They realize the importance of technology and it is one of many thingx that differentiates them from their competitors. Srei believes in being the driving force for entrepreneurs. By empowering over 100,000 customers through their bouquet of services, their value proposition towards our customers and partners is much beyond finance. To broad base shareholding they were the first Indian infrastructure NBFC to be listed on the London Stock Exchange way back in 2005. They also have the distinction of having a wide spectrum of international institutions as our stakeholders:IFC (International Finance Corporation - World Bank Group)KfW & DEG Germany (Financial Institutions owned by the Government of Germany)FMO (Financial Institution owned by the Government of Netherlands)BIO (Financial Institution owned by the Government of Belgium))FINFUND (Financial Institution owned by the Government of Finland).

Product Information

  • Issue size is 500 Cr
  • Secured NCD
  • Issue period 9/4/19 to 9/5/19
  • Interest payments can be monthly, annually & cumulative
  • For QIBs and Corporates each, allocation can be 15% or 75 Cr which ever is higher
  • For HNIs allocation can be 15% or 75 Cr which ever is higher
  • For Retail allocation can be 70% or 350 Cr which ever is higher
Company Name Rating 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year Sr. Citizen Apply
SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd. AA+ by BWR - 7.62% 7.62% 7.62% 7.62% - 0.25% EXTRA FOR SENIOR CITIZEN