Corporate Fixed Deposits

These days a number of Corporates accept Fixed Deposits from Individuals on an ongoing basis as part of their overall Borrowing Program. For investor, Corporate Fixed deposits are one of favourite investment options, as they give investors the assurance of fixed returns with higher interest rates as compared to Bank

Thinking of multiplying your earnings the easy way? We, at Antwork Money can help. With our seasoned professionals and sound research, we equip you with intelligent debt options apart from the conventional fixed deposits and saving accounts.

Why Go for Corporate Fixed Deposits with Us?

  • Higher returns when compared to the fixed deposits in the banks
  • Choice for choosing the duration of investment which can range between anything from a month to a year
  • Option for quick liquid cash in hand, thanks to the choice of a low lock-in period
  • Association with reputed corporate houses means lower risks
Antworks Money Corporate Fixed Deposites

What we Offer?

At Antworks Money, we offer only corporate fixed deposits from leading corporate houses having a sound Credit Rating. So, when you invest in the corporate fixed deposits offered by Antworks Money, you enjoy the benefits of safety coupled with relatively higher returns.

We also provide option of making an online Application on our platform and we help you out in placing the FDs with Company of your choice.

How We Help you Choose the Best Corporate Fixed Deposit Scheme?

  • By checking the credit ratings of various corporate houses and going only with the ones that have high ratings
  • By assessing the financial and business background of any organization before signing up with it
  • By joining hands with only those corporations that have a solid history of repayment

Get in touch with us, to discuss smart debt options to invest in.

Corporate Fixed Deposit Interest Rate Comparison

Name of Company Industry Rating Interest Rates on Cumulative Interest rate option*  
      1 yr 2 yr 3 yr 4 yr 5 yr Sr. citizens