Dec 27

What are the Features of AntPay Neo Bank?

Neo banks introduced the future of digital banking services. Among various neo bank services, AntPay by antworks is one of the major digital banking services. In the current digital world majority of us use various mobile banking applications for making transactions. This makes it much easier to complete our transactions along with earning rewards and other functionalities. AntPay will give the best experience along with the proper opportunity for earning rewards with every transaction using the app.

It will offer all the possible features which are completed related to finances and banking. It will offer the best banking solutions which are completely made in India. They are completely equipped with a team of experts the customers in all the way related to finances and banking. Get completely secured experience to ensure the best banking services.

Features Offered by AntPay Neo Bank:

Various services are being offered by AntPay which we have listed below. Get the ultimate digital banking experience with a complete and seamless solution.

Wallet and banking services:

  • Get easy fun transfer between one wallet to another or account to account.
  • Get a completely virtual account activated with a lifetime zero balance.
  • Mobile wallet activated along with every virtual account.
  • Receive and send money using the mobile number.
  • Directly order any physical debit card which is being linked to the AntPay wallet.

Pay every utility bill which includes recharge services:

  • Recharge any postpaid and prepaid mobile number with every operator.
  • Easily recharge any DTH connection for Airtel digital TV and Tata Sky.
  • Pay MasterCard, Visa, and RuPay credit card bills.
  • Pay utility bills like water, electricity, and gas bills. The application is associated with 100 billers.
  • Pay motor insurance, life insurance, and health insurance premiums.
  • Easily pay your EMI directly using the associated more than 50 banks in the app.

Quick and easy loan solutions:

  • Easily apply for any personal loan up to 10 lacs which will be having a rate of interest ranging from 12% to 30% per annum. The tenure period is ranging 6 months to 36 months along with the processing free-ranging from 1% to 2%.
  • Get the best credit card from the State Bank of India.
  • Apply for the best home loan with the proper recommendation based on your profile.

Complete insurance solution to cover every financial uncertainty:

  • Protect your car against any kind of damage which includes third-party liability by purchasing 2 Wheelers policy from HDFC Ergo.
  • Get an easy life insurance policy from ICC prudential which will help in protecting the future of your family.
  • Get the complete covered up on the medical bills along with the best health insurance policies recommended by the app.

Sell and purchase gold:

  • Every gold you purchase can be stored in the locker.
  • 24 karat gold is available for gifting online, sell and purchase.
  • Cash-out the gold in the form of gold coin.

Save your future by investing today:

  • Quickly invest in any liquid funds for growing your money which will retain its liquidity.
  • Invest using the best P2P company and get the chance to earn 24% per annum.

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