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Jul 11
Top 5 Smart Habits to Boost your CIBIL Score in the New Fiscal Year

Top 5 Smart Habits to Boost your CIBIL Score in the New Fiscal Year

So, you’ve been a little lethargic when it comes to mastering your personal finances, and your credit score has taken a hit. Not sure what to do? Can CIBIL score be improved once it hits rock bottom?

Fret not, in this article, you can find the top essential habits guaranteed to improve your CIBIL score this year. Here’s what you need to do!

#1: Make your Payments Right on Time

If you have a habit of paying your bills only after the due date, make sure to change it ASAP. Your payment history accounts for 35% of your overall credit score.

That is why it’s essential to make your payments on time. This is one of the most important ways to improve your CIBIL score instantly. If you’re forgetful, you can set up reminders on your mobile phone to alert you, when the payment day rolls in.

Or you can even set up an auto-payment facility in your bank account. This ensures that the payments are made on the dot every month and saves you from a load of mental stress.

#2: Don’t spend beyond the Limit on your Credit Card

When you spend more than 30% of the limit available on your credit card, you are actually damaging your CIBIL score by a whopping 30%.

The key here is not to shun using credit cards but to reduce the outstanding balance on your cards. Keep the balance low and make regular payments to improve your creditworthiness.

#3: Make Advance Payments on your Credit Card

You may be meticulous and pay your credit card bills prudentially before the due date rolls in. However, you must remember that the day you make the payments and reduce your balance to zero may not be the day, when your credit reports are generated.

So, it’s a good habit to pay off dues on all your credit cards during the middle of the billing cycle. Also, keep a regular eye on your spending to ensure that it doesn’t go beyond the 30% threshold.

#4: Hold onto your Oldest Credit Cards

The next answer to the question “How to improve CIBIL score in India?” is to reduce the number of credit cards you use.

Is your wallet stacked with several credit cards that you no longer use? Planning to surrender a few to improve your CIBIL score? Then, ensure that you stick onto the oldest one.

This is because if you have been making payments on this card for a period of time, then it’s an indicator of your credit worthiness and is more favorable when compared to a new and barely used card.

#5: Diversify your Credit Portfolio

Smart users know that it’s essential to diversify credit portfolio to improve CIBIL scores instantly. If your credit portfolio is made only of credit cards, then you can only boost your score by a small amount. The key here is to diversify. Include other types of credit products like secured loans or go in for a secured credit card.

Inculcate these habits and turn over a new leaf in this new fiscal year! With these good practices, you can improve CIBIL score steadily thereby helping you in the long run. You can take help from to know the legit ways to improve your CIBIL score and apply for loans. Don’t delay, start today!

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