Jul 17

Learn About the Limitless Importance of Aadhaar Card

The latest amendment passed in July, 2019 on Aadhaar Bill has the provision of a penalty of Rs. 1 crore as well as prison term in case any private entity violates Aadhaar data provisions.

Every individual in India need to have Aadhaar Card bearing a unique number. The issued unique number is used to authenticate the identity of Aadhar holder. In this personal government card, there are several important details related to a respective citizen like Name, Date of Birth, Father’s Name, mobile number, photo, and address.

The Aadhaar card has become the significant national identification number for every citizen of India and it has given multiple benefits along with the current digital scenario, in fact, Aadhaar number is the biggest promoter of Digital India. The concept of “one for all” has become true through this identification card.

There are plenty of benefits of having an Aadhaar Card and here we go:

  • It is easy to open a new bank account  

Earlier it was a hard nut to crack when it comes to open a new account in the bank without having any guarantor or referral. It was very difficult for a person relocating to a new city to obtain proof of residence. But now if have your Aadhaar number you don’t have to worry because you just need a letter from UIDAI that authenticates your identity and Address proof helping  to get bank account opened easily.

    • Pension goes to only registered users

    Now it has become compulsory for a pensioner to link their Aadhaar number with pension department which means that it will eliminate the possibility of forge pensioners. The Aadhaar synced Digital Life Certificate or “Jeevan Praman for Pensioner” program has become a great tool to identify the genuine pensioners. This program has digitalized information and pensioners don’t have to visit bank to withdraw pension because the pension amount is transferred to their bank account.

    • Easy to withdraw your Provident Fund

    Just similar to pension Aadhaar linking to Employee Provident Fund has made the PF withdrawal easy and hassle-free. Aadhaar number has made the process of part or full Provident Fund withdrawal speedy, safe, and simple.

    • LPG Subsidy directly transfer to the bank account

    Earlier when any subsidies and exemptions were given by the government, good amount of money was enjoyed by mediators and other unauthorized agents which led to the high level of corruption but with Aadhaar linking with LPG connection, this has become an old day’s tale now.

    It has also abolished the need for excessive documentation formalities. Now you just need to fill the details of bank account and Aadhaar card and submit it to the LPG distributor and the LPG subsidy that you are eligible will be directly transferred to your linked bank account.

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