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Oct 6

Know all about RuPay Card Reward Club and its benefits

Make your every translation rewarding with AntPay.”

What is the most exciting thing about online payment options? Without any doubt, a chance to win some exciting rewards. Everyone gets excited when they receive rewards after their transactions via digital apps but sometimes they also disappoint us. Don’t you think so? To make your excitement more enjoyable, AntPay Neo banking has so many options for you. You can win numerous benefits with the AntPay digital app. While making any translation with the app, you will receive unlimited exclusive offers and this does not end here. You will also get a chance to become a premium member to get elite and exclusive offers. We have endless rewards for you to make your transaction experience more memorable. While making transactions with our app, you can make every purchase rewarding. 

Know about AntPay app

AntPay is a Neo banking application to provide you with the best banking solutions in the easiest way. With the help of technology, we are on a mission to transform financial services, to help customers in every possible way. We are the safest platform because we know the value of customers’ earning. We are the one app with all banking solutions and you will also get a chance to become a member of our exclusive rewards club. With just a few clicks you can transfer money, receive payments, rewards club, bill payment, insurance plans, credit card bill, recharge, investment plans, loan offers and many more options are available on our app. With our app, you will get the best banking solutions with just a few clicks to save your time and effort. We have a very smooth process for everything in a hassle-free manner. We are not just a Neo banking app but we are more focused on customer experience. You can recharge your mobile wallet to complete any transaction so easily. 

Benefits Of RuPay Card Reward Club

  1. Get a chance to win discounts and cash back offers.
  2. We have more than 200 online and offline stores to avail exclusive offers.
  3. With us you can shop 20+ categories like lifestyle, groceries, travel, dining and many more with all your comfort.
  4. Get instant cash back on your wallet. 
  5. You can earn while you spend money with RuPay Card Reward Club.
  6. You will get a chance to become an exclusive member of the RuPay Card Reward Club. 
  7. Win unlimited exciting offers and promotions coupons.
  8. You will get a chance to earn rewards with every translation you made with us. 
  9. After any translation, you can also get reward points.
  10. You can redeem cash in exchange for reward points. 
  11. Pay your bills and get rewards.
  12. Get unlimited deals and exciting offers.
  13. Earn more reward points and get more cash in exchange.
  14. You can easily avail every reward, you win.
  15. Spend more money with the AntPay app and earn more rewards.

What’s more exciting than this! So pick up your mobile phone and download the AntPay app from google play store and become a member of RuPay Card Reward Club.

More Translations, More Rewards!!!

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