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Jun 17

How to Use the New Google Finance Tool

The new Google Finance tool that was launched in November 2017 is sure to stay for long. Updates may arrive at a future date; we desire to help you comprehend the new edition and how to make the maximum out of it.

What is Google Finance?

Google Finance is only a search tab and it is within For several years now Google has had a variety of tabs linked to the interests of the user. Adding Finance to this seems to be a logical way to render users with fundamental financial info to feed.

As an element of a search engine, Google keeps in mind what you have been looking. Hence if had been of late looking stock quotes for a particular company, the top 5 will be indexed on your home page below the ‘Recently searched’ tab. From there you can tap on a particular company and in another page you can see a real-time stock quote

This is performed by SEO which means that you receive enhanced quality of the headlines that come along for big companies. However you will not get the same company- particular news that was obtainable in the previous edition. In case you want to view company specific news then you need to return to the news tab and look for it.

The goodness about the new Google Finance Tool

  • Google Finance Tool is even now accessible to both desktop and mobile device users and the mobile set up is far better to the old edition.  Even as the info may be abridged within a mobile browser, the entire thing is there.
  • Once you are in the Google finance tool, you will be able to search for different companies either by name or stock symbol.
  • It has well renders, novice investors, and a user-friendly platform to find current info about stocks, currencies, bonds, plus funds etc.

Who uses Google Finance?

  • Actually only passive buy-and-hold capitalists will be excited about the new Google Finance Tool. It seems Google will provide only general info about finance as well as stocks accessible to the masses.
  • Though, general info about finance as well as stocks is not the same which investors need. Serious investors do research or conduct basic analysis or even technical analysis to take investment decisions.
  • Investors using basic analysis view a company’s value from a long-term angle. They require info with regard to a company’s balance sheet plus operations that details about the standing of the stock at the moment. Google Finance renders some of this info, but not adequate.
  • Traders, who apply technical analysis, view at the price movement of a chart so that they can know everything about a stock. The only chart that Google Finance Tool provides does not include important info that technical analysis investors need, for instance average volume of daily trading etc.

Final words:

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