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Mar 26


Create high income by offering simple bill installment gathering administrations for APEPDCL as a Collection Agent of NntworksMoney. The BBPS arrangement of NntworksMoney has the larger part of the service organizations for whom you can offer your bill gathering administrations and astutely acquire a consistent commission. A large number of clients would now be able to pay their utility administration bills from a solitary stage that backings gas, water, versatile postpaid, Direct-To-Home (DTH), broadband and other service charge installments other than power. You can fill in as a medium to help these clients in making their bill installments on the web and disconnected with no issues. For administrations rendered, you wind up qualified for get commission based on accumulations done.

Acknowledge Bill Payments for APEPDCL and Get Paid with Generous Income

Eastern Power Distribution Company of A.P. Ltd. or on the other hand APEPDCL was established in the year 2000 as a power dispersion organization. It is a main power utility that serves in excess of 4.97 million clients crosswise over five areas in the southern territory of Andhra Pradesh. The organization has embraced dissemination and mass supply of energy to Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, East and West Godavari regions, and 20 divisions of waterfront Andhra Pradesh. The central station and corporate office of APEPDCL is arranged at Visakhapatnam. APEPDCL guarantees an adjusted improvement of energy foundation in all circles of its tasks. It additionally means to center around client benefit by keeping up quality and cost-viability in control conveyance. Despite the fact that a great many power customers keep on receiving APEPDCL control supply, there is yet a major test before them on the most proficient method to make charge installment for this and additionally different utilities helpfully through a secured medium. NntworksMoney has along these lines engaged operators to work as bill authorities for Eastern Power Distributions Co. Ltd (APEPDCL) under its National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) affirmed BBPOU. Through APEPDCL Bill Payment BBPS you can get control customers pay their bills at your administration focus or Point-of-benefit.

Being a Collection Agent for APEPDCL BBPS causes you Earn Income

APEPDCL supplies power through a system comprising of 587 sub-stations of 33 KV level, 2322 feeders of 11 KV level and in excess of 1,27,487 appropriation transformers. APEPDCL shoppers now have straightforward and viable answers for influence their energy to charge installment in the blink of an eye through NntworksMoney’s Eastern Power Bill Payment BBPS which is a safe-to-utilize stage. Gather charge installments for APEPDCL and produce sensible pay for yourself.

Bill Collection through AP Eastern Power Distribution BBPS Platform

NntworksMoney makes interoperability among members in the Bharat BillPay arrange practical. A Collection Agent can bring bills from BBPS billers and gather cash for those bills. To gather charge installments the specialist needs to take after a straightforward way. He/She shows the client’s bill from the BBPS framework and gathers the sum from the client. As a Collection Agent you can gather charge installments for APEPDCL as well as for different utilities enlisted on the BBPS framework with unwavering quality and secured preparing. On each bill installment gathering done by you, you get a specialist’s charge.

A BBPS Collection Agent Brings In Money and Respect

A bill installment gathering improved the situation APEPDCL through NntworksMoney’s stage will guarantee stream of commission to the specialist’s record. NntworksMoney is a substance ensured by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to encourage consistent bill installment from the client to the utility specialist organization through a Collection Agent. The most recent bill installment innovation is a substitution of the more seasoned procedures of bill installments which included missteps and deferrals. With coordinate installment innovation, the biller is at preferred standpoint of getting his/her bill installment in the most limited conceivable span. Effective culminations of bill accumulations not just reward the BBPS Collection Agents with benefit charges yet in addition put them in high regard for their commitment.

Institutionalized Customer Service

Clients can easily make their light bill installment on APEPDCL online bill installment BBPS that backings different installment choices including Debit cards, Credit cards, Cash, Internet Banking, Mobile Payments, Prepaid cards, Wallets and UPI. Likewise for the client who needs to make a simple and secured charge installment, NntworksMoney offers both on the web and disconnected channels and furthermore gives a brought together stage to dissension and debate administration. Individual communication with the Bill Collection Agent influences the client to feel the nearness of a human interface in the bill installment process. The client is likewise cheerful to stroll up to your strategically placed NntworksMoney Agent Service Point and make moment installment in a completely secured exchange condition. The administration buyer likewise gets a quick affirmation of installment through SMS or email recognizing the effective transmission of assets.

Open doors for Agent’s Revenue Enhancement

BBPS Collection Agents can celebrate as all billers are accessible on the BBPS framework. Increasingly the quantities of billers, higher will be the volumes of bill installments got from clients. What’s more, this consequently will get high pay to the specialist for giving bill gathering administrations. Bill installment organizations can consequently move toward becoming Agent Institutions and union their endeavors with NntworksMoney’s incorporated Bharat Bill Payment Operating Unit (BBPOU) to set up charge installment gathering administrations. In NntworksMoney’s BBP biological community, Agent Institutions get colossal open doors for expanding their income.

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