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check Adhaar card by Name

How to Check Aadhar Card status by Name

Aadhar Card is best government identity cards to procure, as its process is transparent and most of its services are available online. You could take advantage of this ease of access and ensure that your Aadhar Card is error-free.

Procedure For Updating Aadhar Card

Simply follow the given steps, below to be able to apply for an update/change/correction in Aadhar card details:

  1. Go to UIDAI’s website for changing Aadhar details.
  2. You will be asked for your Aadhar number. Enter the same.
  3. Click on the Send ‘OTP’ button.
  4. Once you receive the One Time Password (OTP) on your linked mobile number enter the same on the screen.
  5. Also enter the Captcha code and submit.
  6. On the ‘Data Update Request’ tab, that now will flow on your screen enter the details that you need to change on the form.
  7. You would next need to browse and update the soft/digital copies of the supporting documents for the change/update or correction.
  8. You will be given a URN number, which is absolutely essential for checking your update status later. So, please keep the URN number saved carefully.


Steps To Check Aadhar Card Update Status

Once you have applied for the change or update in your details for the aadhar card on the Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal, you need to return to the website to check the status. Follow the given steps below, to check the aadhar status:

  1. You need to enter a few details to check the status.
  2. First, your Aadhar number which is a 12-digit number that can be found on your card.
  3. You need to then enter add the URN. This number was given to you when you applied for the change online.
  4. Click on ‘Get Status’.
  5. Your update status would appear on the screen.

What details can be changed in the Aadhar card online?

The Online portal through SSUP enables people to change the following details only:

  1. D.O.B (Date of Birth)
  2. Mobile Number (Registered with your Aadhar number)
  3. Address
  4. Name

For any other details you would need to access the Aadhar card website, download the form and submit it with adequate documents at the aadhaar enrolment centre close to your home.

Why Aadhar Card Rejected

If the status reads ‘Rejected’, the following reasons could be possible:

  1. Inadequate documents were submitted.
  2. Incorrect details submitted.
  3. Human error when filling the request form.

This is what you need to do next to be able to make the changes, if you don’t know what went wrong or the exact documents for your case, since it varies in circumstances for people:

  1. You need to fill a fresh request, but this time visit your Aadhar Centre to get the exact documents that you need.
  2. Collate the documents and fill in a new form and submit it online again in a request. Note, that if you submit it at the center, you cannot check your status online since the request was not applied online.

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