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Mar 26


Join as an AntworksMoney Collection Agent and influence a high fortune as administration charges for gathering BEST Electricity to charge installments. Based on the Bharat BillPay (BBP) foundation, AntworksMoney is a consistent bill gathering stage for operators who can fill in as bill authorities for different utility specialist co-ops. A huge number of clients require a secured and advantageous framework for paying off bills for utility administrations, for example, Direct-To-Home, broadband, gas, power, water supply, versatile postpaid, and others. Total Businesses would now be able to start and select as NntworksMoney BBPS Collection Agents for gathering charge installments from these clients and to acquire an alluring commission for their administrations.

Be a Collection Agent for BEST bills and Earn Generous Income

Situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport (BEST) is a metro transport and power supplier open body. Set up at first in 1873 as ‘Bombay Tramway Company Limited’, BEST now works as an independent body under the Municipal Corporation. One of India’s biggest armada of transports is worked under BEST. The organization has been sourcing power supply from Tata Power which is a piece of Tata Group combination. The two organizations have their energy producing stations situated in various parts of Maharashtra State. BEST supplies energy to in excess of 5 million private and business foundations. Mumbai based power purchasers have a typical test of paying their bills on time through a secure medium. Through BEST Bill Payment BBPS these power customers can make their BEST light bill installment either on the web or straightforwardly at your administration focus/shop. Independent companies or business visionaries who wish to begin a private company in their town or locale can without much of a stretch apply for a NntworksMoney Collection Agent’s part and gain chance free pay from charge gathering through the NntworksMoney BBPS framework.

A BEST Mumbai Bill Payment BBPS Collection Agent Gets Guaranteed Benefits

BEST has given power supply to a more extensive system in Mumbai for over decades. In relationship with NntworksMoney’s BEST BBPS framework, specialists can transform out long bill installment forms into speedier, secured and consistent ones. A large number of energy shoppers would now be able to pay all their service charges under a solitary stage where you can gather charge installments and turn out to be naturally qualified for profit.

Bill Collection through BEST bill BBPS Platform

NntworksMoney is a Bharat Bill Payment Operating Unit (BBPOU) approved by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to help specialists in gathering of bill installments from utility administration shoppers. On this brought together stage, the specialist can pull up bills from the BBPS biller and gather installment for these bills as an end-result of commission. The installment gathering process is disentangled as the specialist simply needs to show the client’s bill from the BBPS framework and gather the sum from the clients. For each bill gathered through the BBPS framework, the operator gets appealing charges. Not only that, the Collection Agent is as of now there in a biological community where he/she has loads of acquiring openings from utility billers that are accessible on the BBPS framework.

Procure Value-for-Work and Money as a BBPS Collection Agent

At the point when AntworksMoney on boards you as a BBPS Collection Agent on its Bharat BillPay (BBP) biological system, you turn into a piece of a bill accumulation process which is defined to enhance charge installment productivity and to lessen the odds of oversights and postpones that as a rule happen generally of making charge installment. NntworksMoney BBPS framework offers operator foundations a chance to facilitate the biller’s income by getting charge installments through speedier and direct installment advances that assistance to cut down the turnaround time for accepting installment. Being a BBPS Collection Agent, every exertion connected by you towards contributing in the bill installment process is responded with deference and rewards regarding cash.

Client Convenience Prioritized

A client making charge installment by means of AntworksMoney gets moment installment affirmation through SMS or email. Prompt affirmation of the installment guarantees to the client that his/her assets have been effectively transmitted to the ordained party. AntworksMoney likewise gives a client question and dissension administration stage for simple determination of client grievances. Up close and personal association with the bill gathering operator additionally offers the client a human interface with quick inquiry taking care of. For charge installment, the client has different alternatives including installment through web-empowered cell phone and PC or by guide installment to business reporters at their administration focuses. Other than this the client approaches all the billers or Utility organizations at a solitary touch point. For the client, the experience of paying bills through our BBPS framework resembles being in a safe place.

An Agent’s Potential Growth regarding Revenue

For BBPS Collection Agents, working together with AntworksMoney is uplifting news, as each conceivable biller will be soon accessible on the BBPS framework. Progressively the number of utilities under one rooftop, higher will be the open doors for charge gathering and thus will take after the expansion in profit. An operator establishment or total business needing to work as a BBPOU for power charge installment online can see NntworksMoney organization as a genuine open door for income increase through bill installment gathering from clients.

For what reason Should an Agent Sign-Up with us?

Many Utility Bill Collection Opportunities

Simple coordination with an NPCI confirmed substance

Full operator expenses with no reasonings

Totally computerized installment process

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