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Apr 20

Axis Bank Savings Account

Axis Bank offers a vast variety of savings accounts to customers along with personalized services and attractive benefits. Customers can plan and track their finances and also save considerably, earning interests on their savings. With a multitude of choices on their plate, Axis Bank customers can open a savings account best suited for managing their finances.

Revision of Interest Rates on Axis Bank Savings Bank Deposits

Particulars Rate of Interest
Saving Deposits Balance below Rs. 50 lakhs 3.50% p.a
Saving Deposits Balance of Rs. 50 lakhs and above 4.00% p.a

How Do I Open An Axis Bank Savings Account Online?

Customers can compare and easily open an Axis Bank savings account of their choice using the web portal of Axis Bank. The ‘Apply online’ feature available on the website, leads the user to an application form which needs to be filled-in and submitted. Personal details like name, address, telephone numbers, preferred branch and city along with the type of savings account required have to be entered.

Types Of Axis Bank Savings Accounts

EasyAccess Savings Account

Begin your journey of savings with an EasyAccess savings account from Axis Bank with an interest rate of 4% on your daily balances, which is paid quarterly. Access your bank account without any hassles and track your account expenses with Axis Bank’s internet and mobile services. EasyAccess savings accounts opened in Metro cities require a minimum opening deposit of Rs 10,000. A Visa Classic debit card is generally issued along with an EasyAccess savings account.

Prime Savings Account

Hold a Prime Savings Account with Axis Bank and enjoy enhanced access and higher transaction limits. A MasterCard Titanium Debit Card is issued along with a Prime savings account.

Future Stars Savings Account

Parents can plan and save for their child’s future with a Axis Bank Future Stars Savings Account. This account is targeted to children aged below 18 years and requires to be operated by a parent or a guardian. A free ATM card with a daily withdrawal limit of Rs 1500/- and a cheque book in the guardian’s name will be issued if the child is below 10 years. The Future Stars Savings Account requires a low opening deposit and monthly balance of Rs 2500/- in Metro cities.

Youth Account

Be YOU! Manage your money with the Axis Bank YOUth Account which comes with a mobile banking YOUth application and a YOUth debit card loaded with features and offers. Design your own version of the Visa Classic Youth Card issued along with this account and personalize it to look the way YOU want.

Prime Plus Savings Account

An Axis Bank Prime Plus Savings Account holder is entitled to higher transaction limits, entertainment, pricing and reward benefits and the flexibility of maintaining an average monthly balance of Rs 1 lakh in their savings account. The Prime Plus Savings Account requires a minimum opening deposit of Rs 1, 00,000.

Women Savings Account

Axis Bank offers a unique savings account scheme to women customers with a minimum opening deposit and an average minimum balance requirement of Rs 10,000/- in Metro cities.

Senior Privilege Savings Account

Senior citizens can enjoy preferential treatments at Axis Bank branches and also get exciting discounts and offers when they open a Senior Privilege Savings Account.

Pension Savings Account

The Pension Savings account has been exclusively designed for pensioners of Central Government, Civil & Defense Ministries. The pension amount does not have an average quarterly minimum balance requirement and the Central Civil Pension would be disbursed into this account.

Trust/NGO Savings Account

Trust/NGO Savings Account is a banking solution for Trusts, Societies, Associations, NGOs, Government Bodies and Section 25 companies with an average monthly balance requirement of Rs 25,000/-. Most of the transactions associated with this savings account can be performed without any charge and a free demat account is also provided to facilitate investments.

Insurance Agent Account

This savings account has been designed especially for insurance agents with a concessional minimum opening deposit of Rs 5000/-. A Visa Classic Debit card is issued along with this account.

Basic Savings Account

The Basic Savings account with Axis Bank comes with a free Rupay Debit card and a zero balance facility. Customers can get free SMS alerts and a passbook to track their account activity.

Small Basic Savings Account

As the name suggests, get started on your savings with an Axis Bank Small Basic Savings Account which does not have a minimum balance requirement. A RuPay debit card is issued along with this account and customers can easily track their expenses with monthly e-statements or passbooks.

Priority Account – Resident

Axis Bank Priority banking customers in India can open exclusive savings accounts with unlimited lifestyle privileges, entertainment benefits, preferential rates, exciting deals and offers and a specially designed Axis Mobile App for their Priority accounts.

Krishi Savings Account

A Krishi Savings account with Axis Bank is offered to farmers and individuals engaged in allied agricultural activities in semi-urban and rural areas. An International Master Debit Card is issued along with this and account holders need to maintain a half-yearly balance of Rs 2,500/-.

Priority Account – NRI

Axis Bank NRI Priority banking customers can use AxisRemit to easily transfer or remit funds at preferential rates from any country across the world to beneficiaries in India.

Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)

Axis Bank also offers its users the facility of enrolling in the PMJDY scheme which allows users to access affordable banking, deposit, insurance, credit, remittance and pension services to those residing in rural areas. Accounts opened under the PMJDY scheme earn interest at the rate of 4%. Those enrolled in the scheme are eligible to avail a Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account or open a Small Account if they do not have officially valid documents for a regular account. This account also offers overdraft and cheque book facilities along with the option of availing a RuPay Debit Card.

Inaam Personal account

With the Inaam Personal Account by Axis Bank, enjoy access to a number of banking services with ease. This is a zero interest account so you need not worry about earning interest. Account holders can enjoy the convenience of multi-channel banking by making secure fund transfers, make payments with ease, access mobile banking, get account details, SMS alerts, e-statements of their account.

Axis Bank Saving Account Interest Rates

Axis Bank customers can earn an attractive interest of 4% on their savings accounts and also enjoy a load of privileges and offers when they transact using their accounts. The interest rate is calculated on a daily basis and is paid to account holders after every quarter.

Axis Bank Minimum Balance Requirements

Axis Bank savings accounts require different minimum balance amounts to be maintained, depending on the type of account held and the target audience it caters to. The minimum balance amount ranges from as low as Rs 2,500 to Rs 1, 00,000/-.

Savings Account Type Minimum Balance Amount
EasyAccess Savings Account Rs.10,000
Prime Savings Account Rs.25,000
Future Stars Savings Account Rs.2,500
Prime Plus Savings Account Rs.1,00,000
Women’s Savings Account Rs. 10,000
Senior Privilege Savings Account Rs. 10,000
Pension Savings Account Nil
Trust/NGO Savings Account Rs. 25,000
Insurance Agent Account Rs.5,000
YOUth Account
Basic Savings Account Nil
Small Basic Savings Account Nil
Krishi Savings Account Rs. 2.500 (half-yearly)

Axis Bank Savings Account Charges

Savings Account Type Account Service Fees (monthly) (Rs.) Debit Card Issuance Fees (Rs.) Account Closure Charges (Rs.)
EasyAccess Savings Account 350 150 500
Prime Savings Account 350 Nil 500
Future Stars Savings Account 100 150 500
Prime Plus Savings Account 350 Nil 500
Women’s Savings Account 350 150 500
Senior Privilege Savings Account 500 150 500
Pension Savings Account NA 150 500
Trust/NGO Savings Account 350 150 500
Insurance Agent Account 350 150 500
YOUth Account NA Nil 500
Basic Savings Account NA Nil 500
Small Basic Savings Account NA Nil 500
Krishi Savings Account 500 150 500

Eligibility – Axis Bank Savings Accounts

  • Indian citizens and Hindu Undivided Families (HUF) are eligible to open an Axis Bank savings account.

Documentation required For Axis Bank Savings Accounts

  • Two passport size photographs (All applicants)
  • Proof of Age
  • Joint account applications require ID proof documents of both the applicants and the address proof can be of the primary account holder, supplemented by a relationship proof between both the holders.

Address Proof /ID Proof

  1. Valid Passport
  2. PAN Card
  3. Voter’s ID Card
  4. Valid Driving License
  5. Job Card issued by NREGA duly signed by a State Government officer
  6. Letter or Card issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDIA) – Aadhaar card

Address and ID proof for Hindu Undivided Family accounts

  1. PAN Card / Form 60 of HUF
  2. Declaration from the Karta
  3. Proof of Identification and address of Karta as per documentation for the individual
  4. Prescribed Joint Hindu Family Letter signed by all the adult holders

Documentation Required – Salary Accounts

  • Salaried professionals need to submit a bonafide authorization letter from their employers in the bank’s required format.

Proof of Photo ID

  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Election Card
  • Photo IDs of Government / Defense services / Public Sector undertakings
  • Driving License

Proof of Address (any one)

  • Telephone Bill / Mobile Bill / Electricity Bill.
  • Ration Card
  • Gas connection registration letter
  • Income tax / Wealth tax assessment order
  • Registered lease agreement with a utility bill in the name of the landlord.

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