P2P Loan Services

Antworks Money P2P (short form of Peer to Peer) Loan Services is an online market place that facilitates loans to consumers and businesses and offer Lenders an opportunity to finance the loans. We intend to provide a credible alternative to traditional way of financing in India with an online marketplace that uses technology and a more efficient funding process to lower operational costs and deliver a better experience to both borrowers and lenders.

Why P2P?

-For Borrowers

  • Easy to apply
  • Quick approval of loan
  • Reasonable rates of interest
  • Funds released in one to three weeks time
  • No minimum or maximum limits
  • Early repayment possible minus any prepayment fee

- For Lenders

  • Higher returns when compared to interest rates offered by the banks
  • Lower risks in comparison to stock markets
  • Option to choose the borrowers
  • An easy way to invest and bring in better returns
  • A convenient way to diversify risks

How it Works?

With Antworks Money, it is quite easy to jump on to the bandwagon of being a P2P borrower or a lender. All you have to do is just sign up as a lender or a borrower. During the sign up process you need to provide certain details like

  • Your name
  • Email id
  • Contact number
  • Date of birth

Remember that once you sign up with us, you will be awarded a discount vouchers worth INR2500 at the time of the transactions.

Why Choose Our P2P Loan Services?

  • Hassle free loans approval
  • Quick funds credited to your account
  • Interest rates of your choice
  • An access to a database of more than 500 investors to choose from
  • A team to help you choose the best investors
  • Transactions carried out based on the regulations introduced by RBI
  • Credit counseling services offered for free
  • Periodic management reports mailed to the lenders
  • Investment management and personal finance management services offered to the lenders

So, what are you waiting for? Come forth and connect with Antworks Money.
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