Car loans

With the change in times and lifestyles, buying a car has become more of a necessity for people living in metros and urban areas. In order to meet this requirement of customers, Car loans have slowly become one of the most necessary loan instruments in recent times. Since Cars are still considered an optional spend in category of luxurious items, rates offered on these loans are higher than those for home loans.

The car is given as collateral to banks and the name of lending bank is also entered into Registration Certificate (RC) of Car. The same is also mentioned in Insurance Policy taken by customer.

Stiff competition among lending entities have forced banks to lower the rate of interest for car loans and customers can negotiate good deal with Banks if they are aware of market. There are many variations according to the economy and what the market is doing that determines things that are going to apply to your car loan.

Antworks Money Car Loan Service

Key Features

  • Banks finance 75-85% of the car value. The margin on the loan also depends on the car model.
  • Banks generally offer very attractive rates for housing loans. Interest rates vary from 9%-12%
  • A typical car loan may have a long-term payment tenure of up to 7 years. Pre-payment of loan is available for car loans and is subject to a pre-closure fee in case of certain banks
  • Hidden fees include appraisal fees and other charges associated with the loan
  • If you want to sell the car, the loan becomes payable immediately

Why Opt for a Car Loan?

  • Easiest way to buy a car when you do not have enough liquid cash in hand
  • Option to choose the loan tenure
  • Possible to even buy a used car
  • Negotiation of interest rate possible
  • No need for any collaterals
  • Choice to pick the mode of payment
  • Choice to pick between the kind of interest rate i.e. fixed or floating

What we Offer?

Our team of experts with the up-to-date knowledge has designed a table which comprises of the car loan details offered by all the renowned banks. Updated regularly, this table comprises of all the important information like name of the bank, loan amount, interest rate, EMI, tenure etc. This comparison table comes in handy for you when you might seem indecisive about the loan that is best for you to choose.

We also assist you in picking the best loan by analyzing your financial responsibilities and your requirements. Based on this knowledge, we help you choose the best loan deal offered by the bank.

You can also use our Loan eligibility calculator to find out the amount of loan that you are eligible for. In case, you need to know the EMI that you would have to pay against a certain loan amount, go ahead and use our EMI calculator. Go for the All in Cost Calculator to find the overall installment amount for each month based on the loan secured and the processing fee.

Why Us?

  • An expert team that is well versed with the loan market
  • Continual updating of the comparison table
  • Accurate calculators to help you find the best deal
  • Free credit counseling when helping you pick the loan that is best suited to you

Get in touch with our experts for car loans and get going with the car of your dreams.