Benefits of checking Credit Score from us


Easy Reports

Personalised credit reports & score insights for better understanding.


Avoid Identity Theft

Get ensured of any unusual activity, no matter where it occurs.


Commitment To Privacy

Your security's our priority. Your data is safe with us.


It's Free

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Features you will love & enjoy

  • 1

    Lower rate of interest on credit cards & loans.

    Your credit score is one of the most important deciding factors of what rate of interest you are going to have while repaying your loan.

  • 2

    Better chance of getting credit cards & loans approved.

    You get to know where you stand before making any new credir card or loan application.

  • 3

    More power to negotiate.

    With good credit scores, you can bargain for a lower rate of interest on your credit card or loan.

  • 4

    Easier approval for rented house & apartments.

    Landlords often check credit scores before taking in tenants.