What Services We Do NOT Provide at Antworks Money P2P loan Services

We do not guarantee fixed or minimum rate of returns to any lender and decisions to lend on Antworks Money P2P market place are entirely at the discretion of potential lenders. We don’t guarantee the principal amount and/or the Interest amount protection to lenders. We merely facilitate the hand shaking between the Promoters and the Lenders by providing relevant information about the borrowers and lenders to each other.

We request all borrowers and lenders to read the policy and guidelines on the website and contact us for any clarifications. For further details, please read Antworks Money Terms and Conditions



Transfer of Funds and EMI Payments

Transfer of money takes place through any legal instrument allowed by RBI like cheques/NEFT etc. Lenders are required to directly transfer the loan amount to the borrowers account and the Borrowers are required to pay instalments on or before due date through any legal instrument allowed by RBI like cheques/DD/RTGS/NEFT. Borrowers are also required to issue Post Dated Cheques (PDCs) directly in the name of lenders, which can be deposited by Lenders in the event of delay in payment of instalment by the Borrower.



Code Of Conduct For Lenders

  1. You will read theAntworks Money Terms and Conditions fully and understand and accept it completely before registering.
  2. You will honor your commitments and not renege on your loan offers after listing it on our site.
  3. You will adhere to all laws relating to income tax and pay your taxes on the income so generated. Antworks does not assume any liability for your income tax payment neither is it responsible for any income-tax guidance or consultation.
  4. You will not trouble borrowers during the course of or after the completion of the deal with request for additional information etc. You also agree that all your communication would be moderated by Antworks Money team.
  5. You are responsible for all and any decision that you have taken to lend through Antworks Money and Antworks Money is only playing role of a facilitator by creating a platform for lending and borrowing. You shall at all times keep Antworks Money indemnified for your acts which may cause any financial loss to Antworks Money.
  6. You will deal with recoveries through approved legal advisors in case of default and follow the mechanism laid out as per the law of the land and shall not resort to any unlawful means of recovery. In case it is complained by any borrower that the Lender has resorted to unlawful means for recovery of his/its loan, Antworks shall have the right to debar the Lender from further accessing this website.


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